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What's in Hex Keywords?

Hex Keywords

As you play games in Hex, you'll notice certain bold words on cards. Some of these can be hovered over to provide an explanation of what they do - some can't. This is a comprehensive list of all known keywords in the game.
Keyword Description Example Original Explanation
Allegiance The following power is active while you have another troop of the named characteristic in your hand or in play. Sacred Seekers LINK
Assault When a troop you control attacks, while this is in your hand… Siegesaurus LINK
Boon This card (or target) gains one of the core keywords (Crush, Flight, Lethal, Lifedrain, Rage 1, Skyguard, Speed, Spellshield, Steadfast, Swiftstrike). This list may be changed in future sets. Toolkit Assistant LINK
Conscript This card creates a troop of the designated faction (Ardent or Underworld) and cost, changes all its thresholds to match those of the conscripting card, then puts that troop into your hand. Boisterous Ballad LINK
Crush If this troop would deal more than fatal combat damage to all troops blocking it, it deals exactly fatal damage to those troops, and the rest to those troop’s controller instead. Feral Ogre LINK
Death Sentence Death Sentence doesn’t do anything on its own, it’s a modifier that specific cards can interact with. Reaper Bot LINK
Deathcry When this dies... <Varies by card> Elder of Lost Ages LINK
Defensive This can’t attack. Worker Bot LINK
Deploy When this enters play... <Varies by card> Bowie Starlight LINK
Digilence When this readies... <Varies by card> Cerulean Sage LINK
Empower This is a free activated ability that doubles each number on the card. This includes the resource cost, [ATK], [DEF], and any numbers in the text box. Primal Dawn LINK
Escalation Put this into your deck, then add X to the bold number of all your in all zones. Ragefire LINK
Fateweave Seek Fortune or Seek Adventure. If you choose to Seek Fortune, then a random resource in your deck will be put on top of your deck. If you choose to Seek Adventure, then a random non-resource card in your deck will be put on top of your deck. Guidance LINK
Feral This troop can’t be blocked except by two or more troops. Bruiseberry Brewer LINK
Flight This can only be blocked by other troops with Flight. Uruunaz LINK
Frostform Players can play this troop for a cheaper Frostform cost - this troop will transform into an Elemental version of themselves that only has 1 point of Defense. Borean Leopard LINK
Fusion During deckbuilding, players can take two troops with Fusion and combine them into one troop permanently. Fusion LINK
Gladiator: X During your turn, troops with Gladiator: X get additional X of attack, while on opposing players turns they get an additional X of defense. Robo Gnoll LINK
Illuminate X You can choose to summon X Candlekin, or you can choose to give all your Candlekin a permanent +X[ATK]/+X[DEF] Initiate of Wax LINK
Inspire When another troop with cost greater than or equal to this troop’s cost enters play under your control, it gets the following power. <Varies by card> Protectorate Clergyman LINK
Invincible This can’t be damaged or destroyed. Blessing of Unicorns LINK
Lethal Any damage that this troop would deal to another troop is considered fatal damage. Killblade of the Milky Eye LINK
Lifedrain Damage dealt by this troop also causes you to gain that much health. Paladin of the Necropolis LINK
Marked In PVE, a ranger class can Mark troops. While this does nothing by its self, there are various cards and abilities that interact with this keyword. LINK
Mobilize You can, as an additional cost, exhaust a troop to reduce this card's cost by 2. You can only exhaust one troop per instance of Mobilize, and the card’s cost goes back to normal once it’s been played. Cloud Bounder LINK
Momentum When you play a resource, this gets +[ATK]/+[DEF] equal to the amount of Momentum this has until the start of your next turn. Then, its Momentum increases by 1. Jubilant Jouster LINK
Portal At the start of each of your turns, if this is in your hand, transform this into a random card of the same rarity that you have the thresholds to play. Bleeding Heart LINK
Prophecy The top card of the specified type gets the following power. Earthcaller LINK
Rabid Rabid is a ONE-SHOT ability that triggers when a troop attacks. Locke's T-Wrex LINK
Rage X When this attacks, it gets +X ATK. Throat Cutter LINK
Rebirth Rebirth is a One-Shot Deathcry power that puts the troop from the crypt into play. Blightbark Courier LINK
Rowdy Rowdy powers trigger every time you play a card with cost higher than the Rowdy card’s cost. Then, the Rowdy troop gets its cost increased. Shenagigator LINK
Runic Once played, this card transforms into a rune and goes into play. It will be replayed later in the game for free once a resource enters your hand. Runic Fury LINK
Scrounge X When you play this, you may Void X troops from your crypt. If you do, this gets… <Varies by card> Smash Magus LINK
Shell When this is dealt damage, prevent it and this gets -1[DEF]. Hardshell Sealord LINK
Shift BASIC 1-SHOT → This loses the following power and target troop you control gets this power. Chimera Guard Fallen LINK
Skyguard This can block troops with Flight. Sterling Starwatcher LINK
Socketable Can be socketed with Major and/or Minor Gems during deckbuilding and sideboarding. Dark Heart of Nulzann LINK
Speed This can attack and use powers on the same turn it enters play. Baby Yeti LINK
Spellshield This can’t be targeted by opposing cards and effects. Snarlbrute LINK
Steadfast This does not exhaust when it attacks. Ambling Bluff LINK
Summon Create and put into play... <Varies by card> Bowie Starlight LINK
Swiftstrike This deals combat damage before non-Swiftstrike troops. Quick Strider LINK
Toxified This is a modified state that champions can be in: Toxified champions act no differently than normal champions. Toxified doesn’t do anything on its own, it’s a modifier that specific cards can interact with. The Killipede LINK
Tunneling You can put this underground by paying its tunneling cost at basic speed. An underground card remains hidden from your opponent until it surfaces. An underground card cannot be affected by cards or powers that effect cards in play. At the start of your turn, each of your underground cards with Tunneling gets a tunneling counter. An underground card surfaces when the number of tunneling counters on it is greater than or equal to its Tunneling number. When a card surfaces, it gets Speed until end of turn, and is played for free immediately. Scraptech Brawler LINK
Unblockable This troop can’t be blocked. Spiderling LINK
Valorous This troop has been successfully targeted by a Valor. While this does nothing by its self, there are various cards and abilities that interact with this keyword. Gust Mage LINK
Verdict Whenever you Verdict, the game will choose one Light Verdict and one Dark Verdict to present to your opponent. They then have to choose which effect will happen. Light verdict will be good for the player playing with the Verdict cards, while Dark verdict will be bad for the enemy player playing against the Verdict cards. In the Halls of Twilight LINK
Light Verdicts Each opposing champion draws a card.
Each opposing champion summons a Phantom.
Each opposing champion summons a Daybreak.
Opposing troops get +1[ATK]/+1[DEF].
Each opposing champion puts a random troop from their crypt into their hand.
Dark Verdicts Discard a random card.
Sacrifice a troop you control.
Each opposing champion summons a Nightfall.
Troops you control get -1[ATK]/-1[DEF].
Sacrifice an artifact or constant you control.